Try these YOGA Poses for two People

It's yoga time! Are you ready to try these yoga poses for two people?

yoga poses by two people

You’ll need a partner here, or pick any of your enthusiastic friends to help out! And I’m sure you enjoyed your one-person yoga session! It’s perfect for that chic feeling of traditional yoga. But you can still expand your coast by working far into yoga poses for two! That’s the best way to build up more skills, add novel techniques, and practice something new! In this write-up, we’ve got some yoga poses for you and your partner. It’s for two people seeking to migrate from novice yoga poses to advanced yoga poses!

You’ll also get more inspiration by trying out some standing poses and many others. A pro can still practice his or her claws using these techniques! And you’re a beginner? Get ready to practice it out because we’ve got it all stretched out just for you! Enjoy these yoga poses for two people, and kindly send feedback after practicing these poses!


Oh, lest I forget!

Is it a beginner on this page? I need to get you warmed up by giving you a nutshell definition of yoga! Then I’ll still advise you to read our numerous posts on yoga. They’ll equip you more with yoga ideas!

What is yoga? Quite simple! It’s a grand form of work out! It does not only help you to stretch out your lengths, but your muscles benefit also! So if you’re stressed up, de-stress and relax your body, and discover your inner peace with yoga!

However, our 7 yoga poses for two is an elite method of boosting communication, building trust and having an amusing time! Let’s check out on what you must consider before proceeding!

Before you start with our Top 7 Yoga Poses for Two People!

  • Don’t force your body; Bear in mind that you must not force your body to exceed its elastic limits. Once you feel pain, don’t hesitate to return to a comfortable position!
  • Don’t follow the multitude; do what you can because everyone has different flexibility levels; if you feel severe pain during your yoga poses, stop at once! If the pain persists, request for professional instruction.
  • Muscle warm-up exercise; This is compulsory in all kinds of work out, and especially in yoga. It gives your muscles the ability to stretch out a bit. Cold muscles could result in injury.
  • Don’t do anything fancy or intense; Just do 4 to 8 minutes of exercise like skipping, heel kicks, star jumps, or jogging to enable blood pump throughout the body.
  • Start from the simple to advance; Start from easy yoga poses, and gradually advance to the complex poses.

Grab your partner, water bottle, and mat, and let's get it over with Our Top 7 Yoga Poses for Two People!

We’d start with simple yoga poses and move to the advanced ones. Check them out!

1. Partner Frontward Fold

Partner Frontward Fold yoga pose

This is a simple yoga pose for 2, broaden the hamstrings. According to, you can perform it as you:

  • Sit in front of your partner and place the soles of your legs against that of your partner.
  • Let both of your legs spread wide apart and grab the forearms of each other.
  • One of you should bend forward without lifting your knees and let the other pull you kindly towards them.

Keep bending forward till you feel an unfathomable stretch within your hamstrings. Once you feel it, remain like that for some breaths and slowly return to normal position. You can swap over as your partner does the same. You could repeat continuously or switch to the next poses

2. Seated Cat-Cow

Seated Cat-Cow yoga pose

This is a twosome yoga pose that stretches the core, back, hips, and inaugurate the chest. It’s a variation of the basic cat-cow move. Follow these steps, according to Well & Good:

  • You and your partner should sit cross-legged facing each other.
  • Securely hold onto each other’s forearms and find the equivalent resistance between both of you.
  • In a backward motion, pull your shoulders down and inhale.
  • Slowly raise both your heads and push out your chests at the same time. This is the pose of a cow but in a seated position.
  • Stay like that for some time and breathe out. As you exhale, both of you should let your chin tucked into your chest and make your upper back round out.
  • Look in the direction of your belly base for your back to remain rounded and make sure you have a stretch feeling within your shoulder blades as well. This is the pose of a cat in a seated position.
  • Remain like that for some seconds, and then gradually swap into the cow and cat positions some times. This pose would need communication to make sure you’re in sync.

3. Twin Trees

Twin Trees Yoga Pose

According to Yoga Pedia, this is a standing pose for balance, improving posture, and inauguration your hips. Try them out!

  • Lean against each other and raise each of your hands, either holding it together or above your heads.
  • Let the raised hands be against each other (that is left to right) as you stand on one leg, using it to hold your weight and spread out your toes.
  • Gently lift your second leg, bend towards the knee and position your foot’s sole against the wall of your standing leg.
  • If it does not give you enough stretching, place it against your thigh.
  • Never place your second leg against your knee to avoid putting unnecessary strain on the joint.

4. Chair Pose

This improves posture and strengthens the quads. According to Pinterest’s depiction, this is a simple pose. Follow the steps properly:

  • Let you and your partner stand back to back with the hip-width of your feet apart. Gradually walk out your feet a bit as you lean into the back of your partner for support.
  • Entwine your arms with one another for firmness if you feel comfy doing so. The part you’re going into needs communication to make sure you’re in time with one another.
  • Gradually, sit on air to make the pose of a chair. You might require adjustment of your feet to get the posture of a chair.
  • Continue to push against one another’s back for firmness. Remain like that for some breaths, and gradually walk your feet in as you stand.

5. Dolphin Pose

Dolphin yoga Pose

According to Yoga Journal, dolphin poses aren’t for 2, but it strengthens the arms, core, and legs and opens the shoulders perfectly. Create something new as you do it with your partner. Follow these steps!

  • Come on top of the ground on your knees and hands. Place your knees straight beneath your hips as well as your forearms onto the ground with your shoulders exactly above your wrists. Tightly press your palms mutually and forearms into the ground.
  • Twist your toes under, and then breathe out and raise your knees out of the ground. Firstly, slightly bend the knees and lift the heels away from the ground. Stretch your tailbone away from your pelvis’ back and press it gently in the direction of the pubis. Alongside this resistance, raise the sitting bones in the ceiling direction, and pull forward the inner legs to the groins from your inner ankles.
  • Keep pressing the forearms keenly into the ground. Secure the blades of your shoulder onto your back, and subsequently expand them out from the spinal column and pull them within the direction of your tailbone. Use your upper arms to clasp your head; don’t allow it to hang down or press severely onto the ground.
  • You may wish to get your knees straightened, but once your upper back becomes rounded, keep your knees bent. Let your tailbone remain lengthened away from your pelvis. Also, allow your sternum’s top to be lifted away from the yoga mat or ground.

Remain like that for at least 30secs to 1min. Then breathe out, and as you exhale, let your knees be released to the ground. Do it with your partner!

**The Advanced Yoga Poses**

This is the next level of yoga poses for two people. After you have completed the simple yoga poses for beginners, go ahead with these advanced yoga poses!

6. Temple

This opens up the chest and shoulders!

  • Facing one another in a standing manner and let your feet spread out to at least the hip-width position.
  • Breathe in and lengthen your arms above your head, and then lightly twist forward at your hips till your hands with that of your partner.
  • Immediately you’re within this position, lightly start to stoop forward, allowing both of your forearms, hands, and elbows to rest onto your partners.
  • You must place balanced weight onto one another, and push into the hands and arms for your chest to release towards the floor.
  • Remain like that for some breaths, and then gently move towards one another, enabling your torso to be upright, with your arms released downwards.

7. Buddy boat

Boat yoga pose

Here you stretch the lower back and the hamstrings while also handling the core muscles!

  • Sit in front of your partner, having at least a half legs space between the two of you.
  • Hold the hands of your partner from the outside of your legs.
  • Bow your knees and begin to position your feet soles together. Work to discover a stability with your fellow yogi on the two of your sit bones, in place of sitting on your pelvis.
  • To make sure your weight is on the sit bones, slant your pelvis within a neutral position and sit up straight.
  • You and your partner should gently straighten your legs for the boat pose. Look towards the ceiling, pull in your lower backs, and allow your core to be engaged for the perfect posture.

Wrapping Up!

See what we mean? You’ll be glad you visited this page! Don’t forget to stop or call for professional recommendations when you notice any severe pain during your yoga practice. Good luck!

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