Top 10 Mattress Brands in India 2020- Buyer’s Guide


Searching for the ideal Top Mattress Brands in 2020 you wish to purchase? If yes, then you’re at the ideal platform.

A mattress is pretty inevitable, specifically once you familiarize yourself with it, as it aids you to sleep with comfort and ease.

The type of mattress you sleep on determines the effect you experience. If you sleep on a hard mattress, you could experience back pain, aches, and disturbed sleep. However, when you sleep on the best choice, you’ll love your night!

Fun Facts

  • Water Beds are 5000 Years Old & Used to be Made of Goat Skin
  • In Washington, You Can’t Buy Mattresses on Sunday
  • “Sleep Tight” Came from when Mattresses were Tied to Ropes

Top 10 Mattress Brands in India

Here are the Best 10 Mattresses for you to buy:

1. Dreamzee Ortho-Care Memory Foam Mattress

Dreamzee is among the leading and most famous brands within the mattress business in the online marketplace in India. This mattress is particularly built to offer the highest comfort to the body as you sleep or take rest.


  • This mattress features of High Resilience (HR) foam as well as cozy memory foam, which could spread the pressure and weight. It enables your body to renew as well as heal the hurt through the supporting and comforting features of the mattress.
  • You can get relieved from backache, thanks to the mattress's strength that hold the position of the body and helps to keep the spinal column appropriately aligned.
  • It isolates motion. With a soft top surface and medium-firm bottom surface, it could be turned on the bottom side too for 'dual comfort.'
  • It features soft memory and cool foam to remember your shape. Also, it soothens the pressure points via temperature guideline that enables sleeping calmly
  • Comes in different colors. Also, it comes with a warranty period of 5 years.


  • 5 Years producer warranty
  • Very comfy
  • GSM Quilting quite high
  • Foam used is ultra-soft


  • Little Pricey

2. SleepX Ortho Mattress – Memory Foam

SleepX mattress is made uniquely to guarantee the arrangement of peaceful sleep. 

The primary purpose of building these mattresses is to guarantee that the greatest help is conveyed to the spine in the entire position. 

This mattress features 25-mm thick visco-rebonded foam that’s available within the core, which gives alleviation on the pressure areas.


  • This mattress's 150-mm thick Flexi rebonded foam gives your back proper support and gives comfort to the spine. Additional comfort is provided by the 15-mm solid memory foam as well as PU foam that is 8-mm thick that's quilted on its top.
  • The fabric used is of high quality which is utilized as an upholstery material. It comes in different sizes ranging from Twin, King, Queen, and down to Double Size beds. It features a purple color with stylish looks.
  • Through the upgraded core material, this advanced mattress is made very firm. The bed's thickness, as well as the quilted memory foam, gives support, alleviation, and comfort.
  • The delicate fabric interweaved across the mattress offers a rich and smooth. The air-mesh material guarantees enhanced airflow interweaved on the sidewall.
  • Features 3 years warranty on this memory foam mattress.


  • High-Quality memory foam
  • Available in every size and thickness
  • Fabric used is soft knitted
  • Affordable


  • Color fades after some years

3. SpringTek Ortho-Pocket Spring and High-Density Foam Mattress

For more than forty years, This mattress is among the outstanding mattress within India.

This mattress is notable with regards to giving spinal support and help from back agony. This is an orthopedic mattress that’s a stunning sleeping solution. 

It’s made explicitly for supporting as well as giving help to the spinal column.


  • It features premium foam. You can experience support within the mattress's center layers. Its uppermost layer has quality sewing as well as a knitted surface.
  • The base layer features a system having pocket spring with encased edges. The firmness rate offers the adept help needed for spinal consideration.
  • The foam's changing density present at numerous levels gives a quieting impact and a cozy environment for a nap.
  • The spring system conveys motion isolation or movement detachment, guaranteeing zero disturbance to the next person on the bed.
  • You can choose a mattress according to the size of your bed. The featured pocket springs are 1.9-mm thick as well as made of manganese steel coil.
  • It features a high rigidity, which offers incredible support all through the body and guarantees durability.
  • The soft cushion, as well as anti-microbial material sewed at the top, boosts the level of comfort.
  • Comes with 6 years warranty and shipping which is absolutely free and ideal money-back offers.


  • Comes in different thickness and sizes
  • A disturbance-free pocket spring system
  • Warranty of 6 years


  • Light mattress color.
  • Hard to remove stains

4. Comforto Duplex Double Solace Foam Mattress

In case you’re thinking of purchasing the best mattress you are willing to use, Comforto could be the ideal decision. This mattress wires value and luxury that leads to manufacturing the best.


  • Comforto Duplex Double Solace Foam Mattress comes as reversible since it has a medium-firm on the base and is delicate on the top. In this way, you can utilize it from both the sides according to your benefit.
  • A smooth vibe is given by the extravagant and softcover over it. A smooth line is made along the edge, adding tastefulness to the mattress.
  • A long lasting range is guaranteed by the organization along these lines highlighting its toughness. It can uphold and keep up your body pose. This, yet it likewise has the obstruction against heat creation that comes because of consistent utilization.
  • The essential material used in this mattress is foam which is very light in weight. The Solace Duplex Double Solace Foam Mattress is accessible in different sizes and has a stunning client survey.
  • This item is intended for current homes giving it style and quality. The external fabric is accessible in white or off-white shading. 11 years of guarantee is provided from the place of Solace.


  • Both mattress sides can be utilized from the two sides
  • 11 years item guarantee
  • One of the most seasoned brands in the mattress industry
  • Amazing client audits


  • Not much rebate is offered yet at the same time, the cost merits the quality

5. Extra Sleep Coir Mattress Back Help Orthopedic Consideration

Extra Sleep Coir Mattress is one of the famous brand in the Bed Mattress Industry which is known for giving an agreeable and orthopedic consideration mattress.

This organization produces the absolute best mattresses in India. Its greatness and involvement with this field have helped it create quality items.

This mattress is a stunning item, which will offer help and solace to your body in any event, when your spine has various stances.


  • A ton of Value tests has been performed to serve you the best sleeping experience. Very high-quality and valid materials are utilized to build this mattress, which winds up expanding solace and sturdiness.
  • Utilization of regular rubber treated coir is an additional preferred position that would uphold your back and will give the right stance to the body.
  • The expansion of the PU foam layer upgrades the supporting capacity of the mattress from the base level. The utilization of the premium standard cotton fabric builds the breathability.
  • The above-expressed point guarantees guidelines of the temperature of bed and accessibility of the correct temperature to the body settling upon it.
  • You additionally get 5 years of guarantee
  • This mattress comes in the standard sizes and assorted hues.


  • Highest selling item, more than 1 million units sold in a year ago
  • 5 years of guarantee
  • The ideal item for Orthopedic patients
  • Lightweight mattress


  • Few individuals have detailed that the item is somewhat hard from both the sides

6. Sleepyhead 3 Layered Orthopedic Memory Foam Mattress

This is the smash hit mattress brand in the Indian industry. 

It has medium firmness empowered wherein 3 layers of foam is present in the core of the bed.


  • It deals with the arrangement of help and solace to you and your mate, resting over it. The base features firm, durable foam, while the core contains pressure-diminishing memory foam and springy breathable foam.
  • High-density HR foam is liable for the affirmation of the appropriation of weight uniformly and guaranteeing orthopedic consideration. This adds an extraordinary component to the bed, which offers help to 90% of body types with no trade-off on delicateness.
  • On contacting the mattress, you can feel your body sinking into it; however, it won't upset the other individual on the mattress as it can evade movement move.
  • It has a specific measure of density required for a decent mattress. The fabric used is of high-quality, which could be handily expelled and washed.
  • Consequently, the support of this Sleepyhead without dust and the agreeable mattress is made snappier and simpler.
  • This white-hued, rectangular-formed mattress is accessible in an assortment of standard measurements. It accompanies 10 years of guarantee


  • 10 long stretches of the brand guarantee
  • The only organization to offer 100 evenings preliminary
  • 100% Indian Item
  • Washable External Spread


  • Available in just white shading may get pale or filthy in barely a year

7. SleepyCat Orthopedic Memory Foam Mattress (Gel Memory Foam)

Consider purchasing a mattress which is one of the most popular in the Indian market, 

Particularly concerning mind and luxury that contains memory foam, accordingly guaranteeing solace and support to your spine.


  • The foam can soothe the weight that permits the arrangement of extra consideration and solace having 1-inch thick gel-memory foam that spreads the weight consistently, guaranteeing significant impacts.
  • It likewise has a thick anti-skid base foam, which abstains from slipping and moving of the mattress, notwithstanding giving quality and structure to the mattress.
  • They likewise guarantee the guideline of internal heat level through their exceptional mix of cooling gems with foam.
  • The hand-made and breezy fabric spread with high-GSM knitted on a superficial level, enveloped by a removable zipper spread, guarantees ease in upkeep.
  • The extravagant spread has pores, which permit airflow in the bed, and the nearness of adaptability makes it comfortable.
  • 10 long stretches of the guarantee are given along 30 night's time for testing for your fulfillment on this the item.


  • Easy to evacuate zip spread
  • The memory foam used is of high quality
  • 10 years of guarantee


  • It is a costly mattress; however, it merits the expense

8. Wakefit Double Comfort Mattress – Hard and Delicate

Wakefit is among the top brands that make the best mattress in India. 

The brand is popular among online customers for its unimaginable after-deals administrations. The Wakefit double solace mattress (Hard and Delicate) can give your spine proper support. 

This mattress is delicate from the top, giving it a rich inclination. Despite what might be expected, the base bit is hard that offers uphold from the base.


  • In case you like a medium-soft surface, then this mattress could be the perfect purchase for you.
  • The fixed polyester fabric sewed across the surface is of high GSM and permits airflow, which keeps the mattress cool.
  • This is made with strong and high-density foam that has greater cells to keep up airflow inside the mattress.
  • It is accessible in different sizes and thicknesses. Nowadays, a large portion of the individuals favors a 5-inch thick mattress. In this force pack bargain, You additionally get a 3-year guarantee on this purchase.


  • 7 years of manufacturing warranty
  • This mattress is utilized from the two sides
  • It's worth the price


  • Non-removable spread

9. Wakefit Orthopedic Memory Foam Mattress

This item again originates from the place of Wakefit. 

With no uncertainty, it is one of the top mattress makers that have caught an enormous piece of Indian business sector in almost no time.


  • It can address the arrangement of the neck. spine, and hips. It likewise successfully alters the body pose. The cool foam layer keeps up a cool temperature, giving you the sweltering climate.
  • If you're in your 40's or you face back torments, you won't regret purchasing this item. A layer of memory foam gives you a relieving sleep.
  • Features a transition layer within the mattress core. This layer is a blend of high resilience foam and memory foam that helps in spine arrangement and keeps up the arrangement of help.
  • This medium-firm mattress has high GSM, a breathable, and polyester fabric enveloped by an adjustable zipper. It can fit in any bed size.


  • Removable premium spread
  • Best mattress within India under 11000 (72×72 inches, 5-inch thickness)
  • Accessible in different sizes


  • Pricey

10. Dreamzee Regular Latex Affirmed Natural Mattress

This is another driving brand that produces excellent quality mattresses. 

They have involved an extraordinary situation in the Indian market for quite a while now.


  • The organization guarantees an Agreeable sleep due to the cushioning impact of the latex at pressure areas like shoulders and hips. Additionally, it gives incredible help to the spine.
  • A night of quiet sleep is guaranteed by the capacity to limit movement move in the mattress. This natural mattress is anti-parasitic and anti-bacterial. Hence, it will give you a night of uninterrupted sleep.
  • The support of temperature leveled out is accomplished through the guideline of airflow through the characteristic, open-cell structure. This conservative and solid mattress is eco-accommodating and has flexible properties related to it.
  • Available in different sizes and thicknesses. It doesn't soak up residue or sweat since its surface is sewed with natural cotton material.
  • It leaves you cool during summers and warm during winters.


  • 7 years warranty
  • Made from 100 percent natural cotton, modal and latex fabric
  • Dual sides utilization
  • Uses atmosphere control innovation


  • Heavy-weight

Pick the right one!

Now you’ve seen the best 10 mattresses to purchase in India. It’s good to invest in the best one.

 After your daily stresses, you just need enough food as well as a blissful sleep at last. 

With more than 10 years warranty as well as the usage of ideal possible materials for a longer lifespan, our research highlights SleepyCat Memory foam mattress as the ideal pick.

Buyer's Guide –Things to consider when buying 2020 Best Mattress in India

To get the ideal mattress that would suit your needs, consider the following:

You must consider different aspects like thickness, size, durability, motion isolation, providing support, conforming ability, and so on. In detail, let’s look at all these aspects.

  • Mattress Size

In India, you’ll discover an assortment of standard sizes for mattresses. They are observed just for local Indian shops.

Single size mattress

Double size mattresses

Queen size mattress

King Size Mattresses

Ranges from 72×36 to 75×36 inches. It is ideal for kids only.

Ranges from 72×48 inches to 75×60 inches. Ideal for adults.

Ranges from 72×60 inches to 78×60 inches. Ideal for 2 adults.

Ranges from 72×72 to 78×72 inches. Ideal for a couple with a kid.

  • Mattress Durability

The mattress durability depends on the makeup material and its usage frequency. 7 years is the average life span of a mattress, but if you’re a regular user or you have kids in the house, don’t expect the mattress to last for 7 years.

However, the materials composition used for producing the mattress matters a lot. The coir mattresses possess a shorter lifespan as matched up with the spring mattresses.

The Coir Mattress

The Spring Mattress

The Spring Mattress

The Memory Foam

The Memory Foam

The foam, as well as the memory foam mattresses, could last for more than 7 years.

The Latex Mattress

The latex mattresses, as well as airbed mattresses, have a long-term duration in contrast to the spring and foam mattresses.

The Airbed Mattress

The Airbed Mattress

Nevertheless, the perfect frequency for changing a mattress is 7 years.

  • Motion Isolation

As you move around or regularly shift while sleeping, it generates a transfer of motion that the second person could feel. Thus, it could be disturbing for married people if one keeps moving regularly or leaves the bed always.

In this case, don’t go for spring mattresses. Instead, go for the latex, foam, or the coir mattresses. They are much better.

  • Edge Support

Usually, you see all mattresses going down at the edges as people always sit at the sides while entering or coming off the bed. 

Most of the current mattresses like all-latex models or all-foam don’t give necessary edge support. Thus, such mattresses sag towards the edges after regular usage.

In terms of providing support under these circumstances, the coil-based support cores resistant in high-density foam and coir mattresses are the most excellent options. It’s advisable to have an extra padding at every edge to neutralize the mattress sinking.

  • Mattress Conforming Ability

The mattress ought to conform to the body of the sleeper to help keep the spine in alignment. Also, it stops the pressure points from emerging. Usually, the highest layers of the mattress identify the conforming capacity of any mattress. 

Thus, the models with thicker comfort surfaces or layers such as the latex mattress or the memory foam are the kinds that depict the highest conforming ability.

  • Noise Emitted by the Mattress

The airbed mattress features modifiable air chambers as well as electrical mechanisms. Thus, the mattress generates the highest noise. The latex and foam mattresses are the best options when it comes to being the most silent mattresses available.

The hybrids and innerspring could also create a creaking noise through their steel coils.

  • Mattress Weight

Every mattress is heavy, as well as awkward to carry around. You ought to call at least 3 to 4 people to help move the mattress from the former position to another.

The average weight of the King-sized mattress is close to 45 to 50 kg. The spring, airbed, and foam mattresses are relatively lighter than the hybrid and latex mattresses.

  • Control Odor

It’s natural for every mattress to give out harmless gases while they are still new. Sometimes, these gases come with an unpleasant odor. Usually, these odors fritter away in some days.

It is recommendable to keep your new mattress inside a well-ventilated room for a few days before making use of it. Most of the cushions keep emitting these strong smells for more than some days.

  • The Concerns of Temperature Neutrality

Naturally, people prefer sleeping when they’re hot. However, a few mattresses soak up body heat and hold them. Such mattresses could bring about discomfort since it makes sleepers feel warmer than before.

The foam mattress is the warmest under this circumstance since they have strong support cores. Latex mattress also has strong support cores. Thus, they also make sleepers feel warmer.

On the other hand, the hybrid mattress, as well as the innerspring mattress, is the most temperature-neutral type because they let air circulate inside the mattresses within their support core.

Hence, pick the right mattresses that fulfill your requirements!

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