Top 10 Best Mixer Grinder for Indian Cooking & Buyer’s Guide

Top 10 Mixer Grinder for Indian Cooking

Top 10 Best Mixer Grinder for Indian Cooking

Indian Culture and cuisines are quite nifty. Unlike western cookery Indian cooking requires diverse culinary equipment to ease the problematic task. 

It does not matter from which region you are from; a mixer grinder is a must for every kitchen. 

This appliance is used for numerous tasks such as mincing, grinding, making smoothies, and milkshakes. 

Here is the list of some popular mixer grinder for Indian cooking

1. Sujata Powermatic Plus

  • Sujata Powermatic Plus is a must-have mixer grinder. It has a sleek design. 
  • It is made of durable and sturdy plastic which is an added advantage as it never gets rusty. This mixer grinder has a 900 W motor.
  • The motor is very durable and according to its brand, the mixer grinder can be used for an hour continuously. 
  • Its motor is supported by double ball bearing which helps it to achieve a more efficient level. In accessories, it has three jars made up of transparent plastic. 
  • In addition to this, it also has attached juice, which would be an added advantage. The juicer has a unique honeycomb structure which will help you to get finer juice.


  • 1 Year warranty
  • Powerful 900 W motor
  • 22000rpm operation
  • Suitable for longer usage
  • High strength stainless steel blades.
  • Unbreakable and durable mixer jars
  • Safe and shockproof
  • Low maintenance cost
  • Elegant and sleek design


  • Superior quality
  • Can be used for a longer period (90 minutes)
  • Supported by double ball bearing motor


  • Makes more noise as compared to another mixer grinder

2. Prestige Iris (750 Watt) Mixer Grinder

  • Prestige iris is indeed a durable mixer grinder with 750 W power. 
  • The use of ABC plastic makes it sturdy and gives a stylish look. The 750 W power lets you freely use it for any item as it cuts through all tough food items.
  • The prestige iris takes the safety to the next level by giving you an auto cut feature mixer grinder in case of any short circuit and overheating. 
  • In accessories, prestige gives you 4 jars along with a mixer grinder. All the jars are made of stainless steel with plastic handles. 
  • The lids of the jars are made by plastic to have a look at the food texture. The lids also have flexible rubber tubes to seal the jars properly to give you spill and leakage proof experience.


  • Wattage 750W
  • Provides motor warranty and Product warranty
  • Jar safety locks
  • Protection switch to cut off the power supply in case of overheating
  • Stainless steel blades and jars
  • 20000 RPM revolution
  • ABS plastic and use of copper wire


  • Robust design
  • High-speed motor
  • Design as per Indian household requirements
  • Reasonable price


  • Can be noisy if used for a longer period

3. Bosch TrueMixx Pro 1000-Watt Mixer Grinder

  • This is a space-saving mixer grinder that can even fit in a small corner of your kitchen. 
  • If you have a kitchen with a small corner top than this is the best option for you. 
  • This mixer grinder comes with a massive 1000 W motor.
  • It is designed in the way that it is meet all your cooking requirement.
  • In the bottom, it also has rubber feet which give it firm support. 
  • This mixer grinder is supported by an active flow beaker which results in even grinding. 
  • This is the best product for preparing numerous kinds of batter.


  • Wattage 1000 W
  • Use of ABC plastic
  • Jars are made of stainless steel
  • Use of nickel blades
  • Efficient overheating/ Overloading protection system
  • Use of copper motor


  • Strong nylon parts for longer usage
  • Inbuild brush to avoid oil leakage during use


  • Too noisy
  • Can overheat while using for longer period

4. Bajaj 500-Watt Mixer Grinder

  • If you are looking for a low-priced product with higher efficiency than this is the right choice. 
  • Bajaj is a swell trusted brand in India. People like is for its high quality and efficiency.
  • This is also an example of great innovation which designed to improvise the taste of your favorite food. It’s a 500-wattage product that comes with 3 stainless steel jars. 
  • All the jars come with high-quality PP lids. It also has a three-speed setting that allows you to grind your food at low, medium, and high-speed levels.
  • In addition to this, it also has an LED indicator to let you know if it is working or not. It’s a user-friendly product that does not require professional installation.


  • 500 wattage motor
  • LED indicator
  • 3 stainless steel jars with durable plastic lids
  • Multifunctional blades
  • 3-speed control: low, Medium, High
  • ABC plastic and PVC cord material
  • Power overload protection system
  • 20000 RPM


  • Suction technology helps the mixer to be in place
  • Space-saving design
  • Works on less power
  • Efficiently deal with fluctuations


  • No additional channel to empty the fruit mesh

5. Havells Sprint 500-Watts Mixer Grinder

  • Havells is one of the leading brands in India. If you are the one who is looking for quality, design, and comfort than you should consider Havells sprint mixer grinder.
  • It is designed in a way that it does effortless blending and gridding for any food item. This is the best product to reduce your cooking workload. 
  • It is a user-friendly product that comes with 3 jars and 500 W motor. It gives stylish look to your kitchen as well as provides you hassle-free service. If you are looking for a reasonably priced product than you should go for it.


  • 500 Watts motor
  • 18000 RPM
  • Comes with product and motor warranty
  • Three-speed settings: low, medium, high
  • Comes with stainless steel SS-304 Grade blade
  • 230 Voltage
  • Use of food-grade plastic and Vacuum feet to avoid movement


  • Heavy-duty jars for grinding and mixing
  • Anti-skit feet
  • Available at a reasonable price


  • Produces high noise

6. Philips HL7756/00 Mixer Grinder

  • This Philips mixer and grinder are made for giving perfect mixing and grinding experience. It’s a simple and small mixer grinder to complete your daily needs. 
  • This elegant product comes with razor blend blades.
  • They are strong enough to blend and grind even tough food items. It does not require professional installation. 
  • To get the improved performance allows the motor to cool down for some time rather than using it for a longer period. In addition to this, it has three stainless steel jars that come with semi-transparent lids.


  • 750 wattage motor
  • Comes with 3 with plus speed settings
  • 18000 RPM
  • Has product and motor warranty
  • Had ABC plastic body
  • Use of stainless-steel blades
  • Comes with sturdy coupler and air ventilation
  • 230 V Voltage
  • Allow continuous grinding and mixing


  • Easy to maintain and clean
  • Can be used for heavy materials
  • High speed and durable motor


  • Jars lid does not seal proof that might result in leakage and spilling

7. Preethi Zodiac 750-Watt MG 218 Mixer Grinder

  • In recent times Preethi has become one of the leading brands for mixers and grinders. It is not only a mixer grinder but also a complete food process. 
  • If you have it in your kitchen then you need not worry about any mixing and grinding heck.
  • It comes with 5 jars which can be used to get fresh juice, smoothies, coconut milk, and mincemeat, etc. All the jars are made up of high stainless steel and ABS plastic body. 
  • It has an advanced cooling system that allows the user to use it for a longer period.
  • It’s a powerful product which has 750 wattages Vega 5 motor. 
  • The safety measure taken in this product is the next level as it has a circuit breaker, individual earth wire, and an insulated power cord. This product can be used for performing heavy mixing and grinding.


  • 750 Wattage motor
  • 220 to 240 Voltage
  • ABC plastic and stainless-steel jars
  • Improved rotational control
  • 19000 RPM
  • Does not require professional installation


  • The auto cut of protection
  • Comes with sharp blades
  • Robust body material
  • Use of powerful extractor


  • Jar lids might get loose with time

8. Morphy Richards Aero Plus 500-Watt Mixer Grinder with 3 Jars

  • Morphy Richards is one of the oldest brands of India. Over time they have provided exceptional kitchen products to their customers.
  • This super mixer and grinder are the best example of a high-end product. 
  • It’s a sleek designed product that can fit in any corner of your kitchen. It is made up of ABC plastic. 
  • Its 500 watts motor let you blend food item in just seconds. With the adjustable speed knob, this mixer grinder lets you get your desired speed out of low, medium, and high. 
  • It is also supported by vacuum rubber legs to avoid vibrations while using the mixer. 


  • 500 wattage motor
  • 230 V to 250 C voltage
  • Shockproof surface and comes with ABS plastic body
  • Has advanced overload protection feature
  • Stainless steel jars with hardcore stainless-steel blades
  • Cost-effective product


  • Comes with 3 jars- one for grinding solid, the medium one is good for grinding semi solids and the biggest one is best used as a mixers for milk shakes.
  • Saves space with an overload protection feature prevents the motor from burning out or running either when the jar is overloaded or used continuously for a long time at one go
  • Great product at an affordable range


  • Sounds too loud
  • Jars fit tightly, therefore difficulty to place or remove from the mixer

9. Inalsa Polo 550-Watt Mixer Grinder

  • Inalsa is the brand that offers high power motor products to its customers. It’s a small and elegant product which can prepare balanced and nutritious food just in seconds.
  • Its powerful 550 wattage motor gives you the liberty to get the finest grinding performance. Its uniquely designed blades give user uniform blending and grinding. 
  • The blades are made by stainless steel are highly durable. This product has nylon couplers which increase the performance. 
  • This allows users to use this product for a longer period. Its three-speed setting can be used to grind food items as per your requirement. 
  • You can set it at low for soft food items and turn it up to grind tough food items. The best feature of this product is it shut down the machine automatically in case of overload and circuit breaker. 
  • It is extremely safe to use if you sometimes face power overload issues at your home. 


  • 550 Wattage motor
  • 240 Voltage
  • 18000 RPW
  • Use of nylon couplers for extended durability
  • Use of high-grade stainless blade
  • Use of polo blades for uniforms blending
  • Automatic overload protection


  • Comes with high-end stainless-steel SS jars
  • High nylon couplers
  • Good for Indian masalas and provides great taste


  • Jar lids do not fit properly

10. Butterfly Smart 750-Watt Mixer Grinder

  • This product is a perfect example of style and performances.Its elegant body and curvy handle give a modern look to the mixer grinder.
  • It not only looks stylish but also gets full marks for durability, safety, power consumption, and safety features.
  • This product has 750 wattage motor which can easily grind the hardest substance. It comes with four jars which can be used for numerous cooking recipes.
  • It also has OLP that trips whenever the machine is overpowered.  


  • 750 Wattage motor
  • 220 v to 240 Voltage
  • LED light for on and off status
  • Comes with a locking mechanism
  • Has non slip feet
  • The automatic cutoff facility in case of circuit breakers or overpower


  • Use of a special ventilator
  • Use of polycarbonate material on jar lids
  • Great designs


  • Makes noise while running at the high speed

Buyer’s Guide on Mixer Grinder for Indian Cooking

Buyer’s Guide on Top 10 Mixer Grinder for Indian Cooking

There is various mixer grinders are available in the market but it is significant to choose the finest product.

So here is the list of things to consider before purchasing a mixer grinder:

  • Ease of use: While choosing a mixer grinder it’s important to know whether it is user friendly and convenient to use or not. Nobody wants equipment which will make the task difficult. The handling of the equipment should be hassle-free. It is a must to consider operation, assembly, and control of the mixer and grinder. 


  • Safety: Another central aspect is safety. A mixer grinder must have appropriate cutouts and earth. Usually, a modern mixer grinder has an inbuilt system to deal with overheating and over current. However, it is vital to choose one which should not power up even if the jar is not secured appropriately. 


  • Motor: Motor is the core part of any appliance. The efficiency of any equipment is based on its motor. Before buying the mixer grinder you must check the motor and its wattage. Higher wattage can result in more power which will help you to grind even tough food items. In the market mixer grinder are obtainable in different wattage range from 350 to 1000 W. You can choose one according to your household need.


  • Number and size of jars: Each mixer grinder is supported by the jars. The number of jars depends upon the usage of the product. If you live in a joint family then you should look for a mixer grinder with more than 4 jars. On the other hand, if you have a small family then you should consider a standard mixer grinder which has 2 jars.


Generally, jars come with different specification such as wet jars have tight lids to deal with the leakage and spill. Mostly mixer grinder comes with three jars. These come in different styles and sizes which should be enough for medium-sized families. 


  • Blade design and functionality: There is a vast range of blades are available in the market. Mostly jar blades are made by the stainless-steel material. These blades provide uniform blending and mixing. 


Here are the details of different types of blades you can choose from- shredding disc blades can be used to shred vegetables and cheese, slicing blades is used for slicing fruits and vegetables, wet grinding blades used to make lassi and other beverages, dry grinding blades are used to grind dry masala and sugar. Due to regular use sometimes, blades can lose their sharpness so you must sharpen your mixer grinder blade occasionally. This will help you to get good results. 


  • Day to Day maintenance: People nowadays don’t like doing dishes after eating. As a mixer grinder is one of the most functional kitchen appliances so cleanliness is a major concern. Modern mixer grinders are easy to clean as you have to wash their jar with warm soap water.


  • Design: Most of the people prefer elegant designs to add a fresh aspect in their kitchen. Sleek and compact designs are a basic requirement for a modern kitchen as they take less space. You can choose a product which gives you a vast feature as well as space-saving design. Even you can purchase one matching with your kitchen interior.  


  • Quality of the accessories: Multiple accessories come with the mixer grinder such as blades, jars, lids, etc. It is important to check the quality of these attachments before purchasing any mixer grinder. If you get a low-quality mixer grinder then you might have to deal with broken parts. 


  • Cost: Cost is always an important factor while purchasing any product. Numerous models are available in the market such as mixer grinders and complete food processors. You can check your requirement and get one which can best suit your budget. 


  • Warranty period: All the electronic equipment comes with the warranty period. The warranty period can be different according to the manufacture. In this time duration, any replacement and repair have to be taken care of by the company itself. Mostly mixer grinders come with the two to 5 years warranty. However, there are some product comes with 7- or 10-year warranty. 


  • Durability: As mixer grinder is the product which usually purchased for longer usage. As it is an equipment which is used daily so you should purchase the highly robust one. You must choose the product that uses high-end plastic, stainless steel jars, and blades, and Hight powers motor. You should make sure the plastic is break-proof and the steel used in the jars and blades are of 304 grades. 304 grades steel does not let the mixer gets corrosion and oxidation. It also retains the sharpness for a longer period.


  • Additional Features: Mixer grinders come with a different switch. Some have piano switches and some have rotary switches. Piano switches have a button that you can oppress according to your requirement on the other hand rotary type has a knob that you can rotate to get the desired speed. Some mixer grinders models also provide spatula along with other accessories. It could be plastic or wooden. It helps you to mix the material while grinding and blending. Slip-proof feet are vital to balance the appliance in the kitchen. As you deal with liquid substances also it is wise that you should purchase the product which doesn’t slip.  


A mixer grinder assists you in the cooking range of items so it is paramount that you bring the best product at home. By considering these points you not only save a lot of time searching for the best equipment but also get the finest product.

Safety Rules to follow while using mixer grinder

Safety Rules to follow while using mixer grinder

Though all mixer grinders available in the market comes with the security measure still you must follow safety instruction to avoid any mishappening.

Here are some pointers can use:

  • Never add hot beverages into the jars, it will damage the blade and jar inside.
  • While grinding the materials it’s important to add some liquid content to avoid pressure on the motor. 
  • Take care of the earthing system
  • Always turn off the main power line after using the mixer grinder.
  • While using the mixer grinder make sure they are tightly closed
  • Always get a slip-proof product to avoid accidents

Above mentioned tips can help you to get a harmless experience. 

Final Verdict-
  1. It might be difficult to choose one out of the product mentioned above. You do not need to get confused. 
  2. You can simply keep your requirement in minds such as budget, functionality, and usage to find out the best product.
  3. The decision should be based on the performance and efficiency level which you can easily compare by reading the above-mentioned details. 
  4. Apart from that, the market is filled with the different mixer grinders you can clarify your doubts as we have listed them according to the need of the customer. 
  5. It is always better to equate multiple products before purchasing.

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