What is the Best Dog food for Pitbulls? Pitbull Nutrition Guide.

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What is the Best Dog Food for Pitbulls ?

There are several ways to feed your Pitbull as a puppy and later as an adult dog. No feeding method is better or worse than the other if the quality is considered. In addition to the dog’s preferences, it is primarily up to the owner what he prefers. So we will try to answer your Question ” What is the Best Dog Food for Pitbulls?”

Pitbull puppies should initially be fed at least three to four times a day. The manufacturer’s recommendations for the amount of food are a rough guide, but needs vary from dog to dog. 

Avoid being excessively overweight, as it can lead to permanent skeletal damage in young dogs. It is just as bad to keep puppies lean as it used to be. 

It is now known that dogs that were kept short of food as puppies later have greater problems dealing with stress. You become more sensitive to stress.

1. Finished feed

Ready-made food is practical to use and ideally contains all the nutrients a dog needs. 

Depending on the type of production, a distinction is made between dry feed, moist feed and semi-moist feed. As a rule, it is a complete feed that covers the dog’s nutritional needs. 

But there are also single and supplementary feeds that have to be mixed with other feeds for feeding, e.g. pure meat in cans, flakes for mixing, etc.

2. Dried Animal Food

Dried animal dog food

For the production of dry dog food, all ingredients are dried, ground and extruded under moisture, heat and pressure.

The result is chunks of food, which are then provided with a coating that contains fat and all components that are heat-sensitive and would not survive the manufacturing process. 

A few manufacturers also offer cold-pressed dry dog food.

Dry food is the most practicable and at the same time, the most popular form of dog feeding. One grip in the sack and the food is ready. Most dry foods contain preservatives and antioxidants that prevent the fat from reacting with oxygen and becoming rancid.

Dry food is comparatively cheap in large bags and has a long shelf life. Since it hardly contains any moisture, You must ensure that the feed has enough water or soak it before feeding the Dog.

3. Semi-moist feed

There are few semi-moist complete foods. 

Increased moisture content is noticeable in the consistency of the chunks, which are not firm and crumbly, but softer, similar to chewy candy. 

Well-known manufacturers are Bosch and MAC’S, both of which label their semi-moist food with the designation “Soft”.

These Food are termed as best food for pitbulls as they love them and it is more like a treat to them than food

4. Wet food

Wet dog food

Wet Dog food or Moist food is preserved by heat so that additional preservatives are not necessary. 

The ingredients are mixed and placed in cans or other containers. Well sealed, these are heated so that they are then sterile.

Moist food is mainly offered in cans, bowls and sachets – rarely also in jars. A can is simply opened for feeding. 

A disadvantage is the rather high amount of waste.

Moist food contains around 70-80% moisture. As a result, the dog has to drink less than when feeding dry food. But it also has a lower nutrient density, so more has to be fed.

These type for foods are highly Nutritious, That is the reason it is considered as Best dog food for Pitbulls

5. Treats and snacks

In the case of treats, it is worth taking a look at the composition, because if you pay attention to a healthy dog diet, you should not feed any waste in between. 

It is not uncommon for things to be found there that nobody wants in dog food, such as animal by-products and bakery by-products. 

Bright colours are an indication of unhealthy dyes unless vegetable colours like beetroot or spinach are mentioned on the packaging.

Snacks are often produced under the influence of unhealthy substances. They dry in chemical chambers because it goes faster or is even bleached with chemicals like buffalo skin bones. Responsible owners pay attention to quality and choose at least “Made in USA “, preferably “air-dried” for dry goods.

6. Homemade dog food

The trust of the dog owners in the industry is not great, because only a few feed companies make public what exactly is in the finished feed. Self-prepared food is, therefore, becoming increasingly popular, because here you know exactly what you are feeding. Therefor may be best Dog food for pitbulls

7. Self-cooked

Cooking meat and vegetables for the dogs themselves were common in the past. Opponents argue that heating meat destroys enzymes and denatures amino acids. 

However, experience has shown that cooked meat is easy to digest and especially well tolerated by dogs with a very sensitive gastrointestinal tract. 

The cooking process also kills potential pathogens.


The abbreviation BARF comes from the American and is translated as “Biological Appropriate Raw Food” or “Bones And Raw Food”

The BARF should come close to the original diet of the dog or its forefather wolf. 

This feeds mainly on predators and attempts are made to reproduce the dog’s meals with the help of meat, offal, bones, vegetables, etc., so that they are as natural as possible.

Raw meat from the supermarket refrigerated counter is quite expensive. But there are numerous raw meat suppliers who sell so-called K3 material as dog food. 

K3 is controversial, but it does not include anything other than the parts of a slaughtered animal that are not fit for human consumption. 

These are not animals for slaughter that are due to illness or similar sorted out and therefore not approved for human consumption. 

Instead, it is parts of approved animals that are either fundamentally not of interest to humans, such as rumen, leaf stomach and some other organs, but also meat that is deficient.

In principle, raw meat can pose a risk of infection because it can contain parasites, viruses and bacteria. Dogs usually don’t mind because the digestive enzymes are designed to do so. 

As a keeper, however, you should pay attention to hygiene, because especially with K3 material it may well be that the risk of infection is increased by less strict hygiene measures and not a seamless cold chain.

These were some foods which are tearmed as Best dog food for Pitbulls, if you want to share if any feel free to share in comment below.

Sources: Pet food Institute

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