Effective 10 Home Remedies That You Should Know

10 Home Remedies That You Should Know

Effective 10 Home Remedies That You Should Know

Home Remedies – Why You Need to Know Them

Getting the ideal solution for a nagging health problem leads to discomfort. While many will seek for immediate professional medical advice, not all conditions require a doctor’s prescription.

There’re proven solutions to numerous health issues we can put together on our own at home. That’s why the 10 home remedies that you should know provide more info on how to keep the doctor away.

These procedures require ingredients you can get without hassle. And the process to get relief from those adverse health conditions has never been easier.

Check out the top remedies right here. It’s certain you’ll feel better in a jiff after using these methods.

Aloe Vera

1.     Home Remedies for Hives

Hives or urticarial infections could occur as a result of allergies to drugs or some kinds of food. To help against this irritating rash, you have to follow the understated steps;

Anti-itch baths

A home-made anti-itch bath consists of oatmeal, witch hazel, and baking soda. This mixture included in a bath helps reduce skin inflammation and reduce itching.

Cooling affected area

After taking an anti-itch bath, it’s better to cool off the affected area with a damp piece of cloth.  Cooling off the area of your skin plagued by hives significantly reduces inflammation. Also, regular cold compresses could help abate the rash faster.

Aloe Vera

After cooling off the affected area, the next step has to be rubbing Aloe Vera all over the affected area of your skin. Applying Aloe Vera to the affected area helps cool your skin and inhibits itching.  

2.     Home Remedies for Upset Stomach

An upset stomach could lead to a lot more unpleasant symptoms such as watery stool, indigestion, constipation, and more.

Here’s a quick remedy to soothe your stomach upsets and make you feel better in time;

Chamomile tea and ginger

Taking chamomile tea with a mixture of ginger is an excellent way to abate the symptoms of an upset stomach.

Chamomile and ginger help relax the stomach muscles with their anti-inflammatory symptoms. This mixture also helps your stomach against spasms and promotes better digestion.

If you need the chamomile and ginger mix to function as intended, you’ve got to avoid salty and spicy foods till you get better. Also, it’ll be a great idea to stick to a BRAT diet till your stomach is in top shape.

BRAT is a combo of banana, rice, applesauce, and toast that helps against stomach upsets.

3.     Flu Home Remedies

Battling the flu is as a result of viral infections. You can get relief from flu symptoms without visiting a doctor with these steps;

Keep getting hydrated

Getting your body hydrated when battling a flu episode is essential. Since mucus and phlegm build up in your system, constant hydration helps get your system moist.

When you’re not eating as usual during a flu attack, proper hydration will help keep your body in great shape. Aside from these stated reasons, constant hydration helps against fever and diarrhea.

Proper hydration involves you consuming lots of water, energy drinks, juice, and more. Consumption of soups, fruits and veggies, teas, and broth is also very good during a flu attack.

Take hot showers

A hot shower will help free up your nostrils and keep you comfortable. Hot showers also help against dizziness, keeping you in a better condition through your recovery process.

Keep your body warm

Keeping your body rested is a must if you’re to get out of that flu episode in one piece. Flu thrives when you’re feeling cold. Help the fight by keeping your body warm at all times.

Also, if it’s possible, try to take as much rest as possible to help your body fight the flu virus.

Use salty water on your stuffy nose

A warm bath helps get your nasal passages free, but if you want it to remain that way, you need to use salt water.

Start off by mixing ¼ teaspoons of baking soda and salt each in six (6) ounces of water. Find a nasal irrigator and apply the liquid to one part of your nose. While applying the salt solution, you need to slightly hold down one nostril and let the mixture drain.

Doing this three times a day will help you breathe better and inhibit flu symptoms any further.

4.     Home Remedies for Laryngitis

Ginger root

Getting a ginger root into your food and teas is an excellent way to fight against laryngitis at home. Ginger inhibits the effects of laryngitis on your throat and abates any dryness.

Eucalyptus (acute laryngitis)

If your vocal cords get swollen and you feel irritated when trying to speak, you may have acute laryngitis.

What you need after going through all these steps is to lightly douse your immediate surroundings with eucalyptus oil. Don’t ever try to ingest this liquid as you could get harmed in the process.

The best way to ensure this oil helps repair your voice is through including a few drops in your home’s humidifier.

Also, it’ll be effective to add a few drops of eucalyptus oil to your pillow before a nap. The oil helps against irritation and prevents laryngitis from advancing any further.

5.     Home Remedies for Burning Feet

Experiencing burning feet could be a very unpleasant experience for many. Based on how irritated your feet feel, walking difficulty or a tingling sensation could build up. Catering for burning feet with a

Soak your feet in cold water

Soaking your feet in cold water is the first step to reducing the inflamed sensation you feel on your feet.

Ensure the water isn’t too cold to avoid aggravating any adverse conditions on your feet. Dip both your feet in the water even if you only feel the sensation in one foot.

This practice helps prepare your feet for future care. It also limits any re-occurring burning feel before the symptoms abate.

Take turmeric

Turmeric contains curcumin, known for being an effective substance against inflammation. Curcumin also provides anti-oxidizing and anti-microbial functions in the body.

If you don’t have turmeric supplements at home, get three small-sized turmeric seeds and blend to a smooth paste. Add a little bit of honey and take one tablespoon right after dipping your feet in cold water.  

Massage your feet

The burning sensation you currently feel could be as a result of improper blood circulation around your feet. The best way to improve blood flow in your feet is to get them massaged. Massage from top to bottom, gently working your fingers around both feet.

Apply ginger-turmeric solution

Before beginning the process of soothing your burning feet, make sure you get a ginger and turmeric solution ready. Take ginger and garlic in equal proportions and blend till it forms a paste. Apply this solution over both feet and let it stand for an hour or more.

Note: It’s not safe for people with skin allergies to dip their feet in cold water for too long.

6.     Home Remedies for Dry Cough

Dealing with dry cough for a long time could lead to several undesirable consequences. Issues such as chest pain, difficulty in breathing, pain in the throat, and more could ensue.

It’s essential you get the home recipe and instructions to combat that dry cough without delay. Luckily, you can comfortably get around a dry cough following these steps;

Gargle turmeric and salt

If you’ve been experiencing dryness in your throat for a while, getting a remedy begins with soothing the dry sensation.

You need powdered turmeric and salt. Mix ½ a cup of warm water along with ¼ teaspoon of powdered turmeric. You need to gargle for about a minute and repeat this at intervals through the healing process.

Dates and milk

After gargling turmeric and salt several times to reduce throat dryness, you have to consume dates and milk solution.

You need seven washed and opened dates boiled in milk. Set the milk and dates for about 20 minutes over low heat. Three cups per day will most certainly relieve you of cough symptoms.  

Honey and ginger

When you’re about to get a good night’s rest, you’ve got to soothe your throat, limiting any dry cough in the process.

Get ginger root grinded and mix with one tablespoon of honey. This acts as an expectorant through the night and efficiently combats coughs and sore throat.

Camphor and Coconut Oil

7.     Home Remedies for Dandruff

It could be irritating to continue dealing with white scales of dead skin. What you need to care for a dandruff issue has been closer than you ever thought. Check it out below;

Camphor and Coconut Oil

First off, you need to grind camphor into powder. Get enough camphor that’ll form a thick paste with your coconut oil.

Applying this every night all over your scalp inhibits dandruff from occurring. This paste helps to repair your scalp and fights against dead skin cells falling from your head. Results become noticeable a few days after you begin applying this mix.

8.     Home Remedies for Dark Circles

Dark circles around your eyes could be as a result of several factors. To ensure your face gets an even tone, here’s what you need;

Tomato paste, turmeric, lemon juice, and flour

Take two medium-sized fresh tomatoes and slice into bits. Also, get two tablespoons of lemon juice, turmeric powder, and a pinch of flour in the mix.

Blend ingredients until they form a paste. Make sure the paste is thick to avoid it getting into your eyes.

Apply this mixture around your eyes and allow it to rest for twenty (20) minutes. You’ve got to repeat this procedure four (4) times per week. The tomato, turmeric, and lemon mixture reduces dark circles around the eyes.

With regular use of this mixture, you’d notice excellent results in a short while.

Fennel seeds

9.     Home Remedies for Bloated Stomach and Gas

Constipation and an uncomfortable feeling in your stomach could be accompanied by gassing and constant bloating. If you want to be more comfortable in a short while, you’ve got to try this remedy;

Fennel seeds

Ingesting fennel seeds and leaves is an excellent way to reduce stomach bloating and constant gassing.

If you have only fennel seeds, you can boil it in water over low heat for five minutes. After boiling the seeds, strain them from the water. Drinking this water will calm your constipation and limit gassing.

Also, you can decide to use fennel leaves. But do note that it’s got an unsavory taste. To douse the harshness of fennel leaves, you can chew them directly with a tablespoon of honey.

You can also use fennel and mint leaves to great effect in preventing gassing. Boil the leaves in water and drink when warm. Adding cardamom leaves is optional but also adds to your quick relief.

Lemon water

10.      Home Remedies for Nausea and Heart Burn

Being nauseous could lead to several health challenges. Heart burn isn’t a desirable experience either. But with a simple home remedy, you can get both issues handled with greater ease.

Lemon water

Several useful nutrients are present in lemons, making it an ideal fixture in several healthy concoctions. Lemon contains Vitamins B and C, calcium, magnesium, riboflavin, and more.

All you need to do is extract the lemon juice in massive content and mix with a little honey. This water can help you feel better by fighting against nausea.

Lemon water also reduces the incidence of heartburn with great efficiency.

Final Word

Now you’ve seen the 10 home remedies that you should know, you don’t have to see the doctor for everything.

With a lot of home-made solutions, you can get in top shape in no time at all. Also, getting to know these remedies will put you in the know about what’s best to do when something around you isn’t feeling so good.

Reference: Medlineplus.gov

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